Welcome to my new and improved website and thanks for visiting! The new TivenWeinstock.com will serve as a hub for all my musical activities, both on and off-line.

First though, there’s a thought I’d like to share.  I used to know it.  Then I forgot it for a long time.  Only recently have I remembered again.  The fact is this:

The Internet is the most awesome publishing tool of all time.

Seriously…. we take it for granted now, but how amazing is it that I can write an essay from my home in Boston, and within seconds someone could be reading it in Indonesia.  That we can communicate with millions of people in a few keystrokes.  That we can all watch the same stupid baby video, without having to tune in at a certain time.  Boy was that inconvienient.

Ok so maybe I never really forgot, but then why haven’t I been using it to distribute the music I’ve written to people who might like to hear it?  I suspect the reason has been economic.  At the back of my mind I must have thought: “Maybe some day a music publisher will want to publish my scores” or  “Perhaps the Kronos Quartet will decide to record one of my pieces and the album will go platinum.”

Clearly these notions are insane.  I haven’t even bothered to buy a lottery ticket.  And while selling music online is an option for some, I feel that giving it way for free is greatest thing I can do.  My hopes are the same as for any live performance of my music: that people will come, listen, consider, and hopefully take something meaningful away.  Only now that something can downloaded.

So please do subscribe, share, and do what you will with my mp3s.  All I ask is that you drop me a line to let me know what you thought or if you plan to perform or use my music in any way.



11 comments to Welcome!

  • Hi Pal. Great revamp of the site! I like how simple and clean it looks.

    Your small ninja friend
    Cindy Lee recently posted..MBTA rant

  • You are absolutely right. The internet is the best publishing method ever created. All the rules are on their head, and stuff is still being figured out, while new opportunities keep showing up.

    Anyway, thanks for finally launching the site. Now I have something cool to add to my RSS feed.

    Sean Neprud recently posted..A Short and Irreverent Art History- Part 4

  • Hooray for free! I’m so glad you’re making the choice to fight obscurity instead of hoarding all your great work. I still think your chances of scoring that Tall Kronos Dolla is better when more people can hear and share your work.


    • Thanks! Yeah it feels like the right decision. Hopefully it will motivate me to write and post a lot of new stuff I’ve been thinking about.

      • I don’t know what your deal with the SS folks is like, but I’d love to hear some of your work from that series out, especially with dev log commentary.
        Andrew recently posted..Shilling

        • Cool I’m glad to hear you’d be interested in that. I’m curious to see how well it will stand out of context. At this point I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to post here, but I do plan to release one or two tracks at minimum.

  • Tiven, the net absolutely is incredible, more so than most understand.

    I work in the blogging side, and we’ve barely scratched the surface with what’s possible now, never mind what’s coming very soon.

  • Sandra Cohen

    Dear Tiven….wasn’t all that hard to find you! I’m writing as a choir member of Temple Beth El, Aptos, for whom you wrote V’Shamru! It’s nostalgia time! We are singing it this coming Friday, April 27, for Israel Independence Day service. You’ll never guess who our accompanist is for this set….Colin Hannon, who says you were a student of his way back then. He and Sheila Willey, beautiful and amazing soprano/conductor, are our team right now (and they are married to each other). You may have been in touch with Leta Miller along the way and found out that after 14 yrs she “retired” from TBE to have more time and flexibility for her other endeavors, including 3 grandchildren. Leta/Alan’s daughter, Rebecca, is in the top 5 slots (out of 200+ applicants) for consideration for conductor of the Santa Cruz Symphony this coming year as the present conductor of 20 years retires. I’m glad to see you are still conducting and I’m not only singing in TBE choir, but two others. Music….the universal language! Take care!

  • Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for finding me and giving me an update on everyone! I’m so thrilled to hear that TBE will be performing my piece again this Friday. Glad to know it continues to be shared and enjoyed. Please extend my thanks and best wishes to everyone at the choir, to Colin, and your new conductor.
    Tiven recently posted..Ever wondered what a robot taking a bath would sound like?

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