Ever wondered what a robot taking a bath would sound like?

Yeah me neither. At least until some time after I wrote this tune (ok, so i’m using “tune” loosely here) for my electronic music class. On a later listen the thought came to me: if a bunch of robots got in a tub together, this is what it might sound like. They might also be . . . → Read More: Ever wondered what a robot taking a bath would sound like?

Nigun for the Victims of Terror

To commemorate the 9th anniversary of 9/11, I’m releasing Nigun for the Victims of Terror, which I composed following this unprecedented event. My feelings, like many people at the time, were primarily those of immense sadness — for the people who died that day, their family, friends and for those affected directly and indirectly. In . . . → Read More: Nigun for the Victims of Terror


I wrote V’shamru for the choir of Temple Beth El in Aptos, CA. I had this tune in my head for a couple years before using it in this piece, and if you hung out with me at all in college you probably heard me play it on piano. Repeating the middle section, over and . . . → Read More: V’Shamru

Second Shift Main Theme

For the past several years one of my main projects has been writing music for the serial podcast Second Shift. If you haven’t checked it out, I encourage you to do so – it’s a great show, filled with magic, drama, humor and fun as three college students from Boston get transported to another world.

. . . → Read More: Second Shift Main Theme

Variations on a Fugue by J.S. Bach

Imitation has been a staple of western music since the Renaissance. It involves repeating a musical gesture in a new part and is basically a quick and easy way to lengthen your music without having to come up with a whole new melody.

The simplest and most common example is the round, which most of . . . → Read More: Variations on a Fugue by J.S. Bach

Happy Birthday, Gustav

Today I turned 31 and Gustav Mahler turned 150. While he is, and always will be, a far greater composer than I, I can take solace in knowing that I look a lot better. At least for now….

Obviously there will be a ton of orchestras and record labels looking to capitalize on this occasion. . . . → Read More: Happy Birthday, Gustav


Welcome to my new and improved website and thanks for visiting! The new TivenWeinstock.com will serve as a hub for all my musical activities, both on and off-line.

First though, there’s a thought I’d like to share. I used to know it. Then I forgot it for a long time. Only recently have I remembered . . . → Read More: Welcome!