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Second Shift Podcast - In this comedic drama, we follow the story of three college students from Boston who find themselves stranded in a world very different from, yet strangely similar to, our own.

film music

Searching For Mrs. Cullity - Quiche Lorraine (1:01)
Dinner Music - Quiche Lorraine (0:52)
Ending - The Visit (1:19)
Flashback 1 - The Visit (0:49)
Theme - Maverick Media (0:59)
Slapstick - Grace (1:01)
Party Music - Grace (1:06)
Theme From Grace - Grace (0:58)
Drop of Water - Grace (0:35)
Desert Dream - Grace (1:48)
Fire Dance - Grace (1:15)
Dance of Terror - Grace (0:58)

concert music

The following are excerpts from live performances of my concert music:
Falling Sky, Rising Sea for small wind orchestra (1:03)
A Threnody for Lou Harrison for saxophone, electric guitar, and percussion (0:53)
Mosaic for large wind orchestra (0:31)
V'Shamru for choir (0:35)
Nigun for the Victims of Terror for soprano, alto flute, violin, contrabass, and piano (0:31)
Scenes from the Story of Passover for flute and prepared piano (0:45)
Variations for electronics (0:56)
Waltz for flute and piano (0:33)
Movement 3 from Music for Brass and Percussion for two trumpets, horn, trombone, tuba, and percussion (0:52)

If you are interested in performing any of this music, please contact me.