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For the past several years one of my main projects has been writing music for the serial podcast Second Shift.  If you haven’t checked it out, I encourage you to do so – it’s a great show, filled with magic, drama, humor and fun as three college students from Boston get transported to another world.

I was brought onto the show in 2006, by an old college friend from UC Santa Cruz, Brad Smith (Brad voices Jareth on the show and is also a producer).  At that point the show was 9 episodes in and looking for music to accompany a large dance scene in episode 10.

After scoring the remaining episodes of season 1, I had the opportunity to rearrange the main theme, which had been written by the show’s original composer, for the launch of season 2.  I wanted to keep the same feeling and basic melodies, but decided to bring in the brass to make it a bit more “epic”.

This track is copyright Blue Sky Red Design.

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  • Brandon

    Your music could make any scene sing, Tiven (even the poorly written ones… one). If we could do it all over again, I’d write less and have you compose more. ;-)

  • Thanks, that’s quite a compliment. However it all starts with the writing when it comes to podcasts, films, and other sorts of storytelling which composers occasionally get invited to (on average about 3 days before the release date). The hard work John and you put in at the beginning set the stage for said singing scenes.

    Anyway this site is where you’ll be able to hear me more and you just in the comments, so stay tuned.
    Tiven recently posted..Second Shift Main Theme

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